Metro Metro Festival reveals that the Montreal rapper, FouKi, will be part of the lineup in 24 days!

As many had noted during the announcement of Phase 2 of the Festival, three names were still blurred. Well, SURPRISE! The rapper FouKi is one of the artists added to the lineup, just over three weeks away from the most anticipated spring weekend.

FouKi # ZayZay

Léo Fougères, 21, grew up on the “Plateau Hess”, in Montreal . The multicultural environment he grew up in has greatly influenced his art and his way of expressing his lyrics: “An exclusively French verse is nice, but the mixture of languages ​​suits me better. I see more colors, it adds something and it represents my reality. “- Fouki

As a teenager, he is interested in all styles of music until he discovers rap through artists like Eminem, 50 Cents and Wu-Tang Clan. As his love for rap and hip-hop music grew, Léo Fougères became FouKi. His last name influenced his artist name because it was nicknamed Fou-qui-gère, to finally keep only Fou-qui.

FouKi works closely for several years with his sidekick QuietMike renamed “The Silent Michel” , who designs the beats. Since 2016, FouKi and QuietMike have released the album Plato Hess and the three EPs: Extendo, Sour Face Music and Pre-Zay. The album Zay was released in April 2018, under the 7e Ciel label, the biggest Quebec hip-hop label. In this album, there are collaborations with Koriass, Mike Shabb and Kevin Na $ h. The last two will both be performing at the Metro Metro Festival next May.

FouKi is recognized for his favorite expression which represent him well: “” Zay “is a word that comes from Swagg Man, the French rapper. And then, at one point, I integrated this word into my vocabulary. It can mean a lot of things: we are zen, we are quiet, we are in control. The new expression “c’est lit” can be replaced by “zay” too. “

ZayZay Launch

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Montreal artist lately. Many are eagerly awaiting the release of his album ZayZay on May 3. His album release party is already sold out and will take place at the Club Soda in Montreal, on May 11.😱 FouKi also has release party planned in Quebec city and Paris over the month of May.

Do not miss his performance on Saturday, May 18 at Festival Metro Metro. Weekend passes are already 90% sold out. 🎫 You can still get your ticket here