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Born Khalil Tatem in 1997, Killy grew up in Toronto being the son of Filipino and Bajanese parents. At about the age of eight, he moved with his family to Victoria, British Columbia, where he became interested in rap music.  When he returned to Toronto as a teenager, he began to devote more of his free time to music. In 2015, he recorded several songs, including “Bug Box”, which attracted attention and helped create a buzz. “Killamonjaro” arrived in 2017 and quickly went viral.  In 2018, Killy followed the wave of his first singles released with Surrender Your Soul, a short album. Like the previous ones, it was released through Secret Sound Club and distributed by Universal Music Group. Apart from his main discography, Killy also collaborated with 16yrold (“No Romance”) and Scooby and Black Elk (“Bass Traditions”).  An EP, “Killstreak”, also arrived in 2018. Less than a year later, Killy released his second full-length album Light Path 8, whose production benefited from the contribution of Scott Storch, KBeaZy, Judge and others. Also in 2019, he was nominated three times for a Juno Award, including Rap Recording of the Year for Surrender Your Soul.