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Tickets, Passes & VIP Experiences

What is a gold VIP ticket?

A Gold VIP ticket offers your :

  • Exclusive and fast entrance Gold VIP;
  • Access to the main stage front row Gold VIP that offers you an incredible view of the artist;
  • Access to every Gold VIP zone on-site;
  • Exclusive bars in the Gold VIP zone;
  • Private washrooms in the Gold VIP zone.

Gold VIP tickets available are limited.

What is platinum VIP section?

The Platinum VIP section offers you an incredible view of the crowd and, more importantly, of the artist, with an assigned waitress, a bottle service, a private place to sit, a table for your alcohol and unlimited access to this section through the Platinum VIP wristband.

Each Platinum VIP Section can welcome up to 15 persons.

The price of a Platinum VIP Section depends on the location and on the group size.

Platinum VIP sections available are limited.

You can reserve a Platinum VIP Section by contacting us via the contact form.

Security & Accessibility

What objects are allowed on the festival site?

Here is a list of the allowed items on the festival site, no other objects will be allowed, no exception:

  • Digital, disposable or non-professional cameras (no professional video and audio equipment – detachable lenses – is permitted at the festival);
  • One empty water bottle per person or an empty hydration bag (100 oz max) (water systems on-site) ;
  • Sunscreen (250 milliliters maximum format – except sunscreen in flammable aerosol cans);
  • Small backpacks and bags/purses (16 in x 16 in maximum) (please note that all bags will be searched – if you want to enter faster, come WITHOUT a bag);
  • Beach towels and blankets ;
  • Cushion with a non-rigid back frame ;
  • Raincoats ;
  • Small umbrellas ;
  • Snacks in sealed packaging (example: chewy bars) ;
  • Lighter and matches ;
  • Cigarettes (Packs must be full and sealed) ;
  • Vaporizers (Refills and e-juices are not permitted) ;
  • Banners/Flags or posters handmade (without metal or wood posts) ; 
  • All SQDC products are permitted, but absolutely need to be in their original container (sealed) with an intact governmental seal (this includes pre-rolled joints and edibles). 30 grams max per person allowed.

Prohibited items will be confiscated. We recommend you not to bring those items to the festival site to avoid any inconvenience.

Is there an access on-site for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, Metro Metro Festival is available and adapted for anyone with mobility difficulties permanently or temporarily. The festival site is also available for people using wheelchairs manual or electric, three or four-wheeled scooter, crutches or a walker, a multi-prong cane, a seeing-eye or assistance dog.

Will I be able to find security on-site?

Yes. Security guards will be on the festival site at all times. You will be able to reach out to them if there is a problem.

General Information

What is the minimum age requirement for Metro Metro Festival?

Access to the festival is restricted to people aged 16 and over, no exception.

Each person will have to present a valid government issued ID, with a photo.

Any photograph or photocopy of ID will not be allowed.

Can I rent a locker?

Yes, lockers are available on-site.  If you don’t want to carry your personal items all day, you can reserve a locker now with Locketgo and be in peace. More details to come.